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Never Take It Off FAQ

Q: What payment methods do you use?

A: We accept payments through PayPal and Major Credit Cards and Debit Cards. You do not need to have a Pay Pal account to use your credit card.

Q: How long will my order take to ship?

A: We ship daily via USPS First Class both in USA and out of USA. Shipping within the USA usually takes from 3-7 business days but can take up to 15 days due to weather, holidays, rural areas etc. Out of USA usually takes from 7- 14 days and up to 30 in some cases. Far away countries or countries with strict boarders, wars, or other circumstances can take 40 days or more. [Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Greenland some Islands like Philippines and some South American Countries] just seem to take longer and there is really nothing we can do about it unless you wish to pay for Express Intl. shipping. We pride ourselves on shipping to anyone in the world, but please check your own countries average shipping times from USA because Never Take It Off can not accept responsibility for slow delivery in a destination country. We do track in the USA after 16 business days and out of USA after 40 business days because the packages normally arrive before then. We almost NEVER loose a package so your patience with the mail in your state or country is very appreciated.

If your Answer is not above and enough time has passed for your order to arrive, please direct Shipping Inquiries to

Q: How can I contact you?

A: You can always contact us through the contact tab here but if you want a FASTER ANSWER to your String or Shipping Qs, first read above and below and if your Q is not yet answered write us for your specific need:

Shipping and Order Questions:

String or Repair Questions:

Custom or Wholesale Bracelets (25 piece min for Artists, Bands or Causes)

Q: What is your return/refund policy?

A: We have a very generous Re-string/ String Replacement Policy, (see below). We also provide light bead replacement and repair within the warranty times, but please be sure to send a photo with your inquiry. We work with our customers ensuring that any shipping issue is fixed immediately. We provide several product photos with detailed descriptions of each part of each item including materials. For this reason we have a no refund or return policy; unless we made a shipping error, but that rarely happens and we correct it quickly and at our own expense. We can be contacted via the contact tab here or write us for your specific need:

Shipping and Order Questions:

String or Repair Questions:

Custom or Wholesale Bracelets (25 piece min) for Artists, Bands, Causes, Designers, Events, Friends or

Q: What is your Lifetime String Warranty?

A: Our Lifetime String Warranty is described fully below. Or you can simply purchase string from the Strings and Things Page on our overflow website.

A: 1.) Within 3 months of purchase we offer free- re-stringing should your string break from normal wear.  Please send the E-mail address associated with your order to verify date of purchase for this option as we will not be able to re-string and return your bracelet without it.  If it is within the three month period simply send your remaining beads and hand stamped logo tag to us at the address below and we will restring and return at our expense.  The shipping to us from you varies from place to place but runs about .66c in the USA and $1.25 out of USA.

Or if you prefer to avoid the hassle of shipping it back, we can send you a replacement string and instructions on how to easily restring your bracelet as described in #2 or #3 below.

International please send your bracelet in a bubble wrap envelope.  In USA, please wrap your return in both a thin piece of foam or tissue and a card (a business card or old greeting card will do) to protect it. Also include the name and E-mail address you used to order the bracelet and your return address.

2.) Between 3 and 6 months of purchase we will send you a free string and any small replacement beads along with some simple video instructions on how to restring your bracelet. This option is also available within the first three months of purchase if you wish to avoid the expense, time and postage of sending it back. In this case please E-mail us your mailing address and the name of the bracelet so we can mail you the right color string. (

3.) After 6 months/up to one year  of purchase, we will send out a free replacement string and e-mail you 2 simple videos on how to re-string your bracelet/necklace.  This option is also available within the first 6 months of purchase if you prefer to spare the expense, time and postage of sending it back. It is quite simple to re-string them if you see the videos. In this case please E-mail us your mailing address and the name of the bracelet so we can mail you the right color string. ( Our address is below if you decide to send your bracelet for re-stringing and are within the 3 month period.

4.) After one year or for deeply discounted items, like retired bracelets or free bracelets, or if you cut your bracelet off, we will send you a free string with your next purchase so you may have a BRAND NEW bracelet as well as having your old one re-strung. In this case please send a note to when you make your order letting us know you need a string sent with your order and what color, or the name of the bracelet it came on.

If your Answer is not above please direct String Inquiries to


Q: How does your Charm, Pendant and Chain Warranty or Replacement Option work?

If there was an error in our workmanship or product when you received the item, contact us with a photo within 14 days of receiving it and not more than 45 days of purchasing it at for repair or assistance.

After the 14-45 days mentioned above, if you break, damage or lose your item you can purchase things like chain, leather, beads and small or large pendants at a discount by using one of the options on our Strings and Things Page.

NTIO is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Partner and Prohibits Discrimination and Harassment of Any Kind:

Never Take It Off is committed to the principle of equal employment and opportunity for all employees, artists, bands, causes, and groups providing a work environment and atmosphere free of discrimination or harassment. All employment decisions and partnerships at NTIO are based on business needs, job requirements and individual qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion or belief, national, social or ethnic origin, sex (including pregnancy), age, physical, mental or sensory disability, HIV Status, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, marital, civil union or domestic partnership status, past or present military service, family medical history or genetic information, family or parental status, or any other status. NTIO will not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on any of these characteristics.


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