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Forces of Evil NTIO Bracelet by Hyro The Hero

Forces of Evil NTIO Bracelet by Hyro The Hero

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$ 14.50

Thread: Black 26"
Chains: Stainless Steel Rhombus Ingot

Logo Tag: NTIO/HTH (Silver)
Size: Fits All
Photo: Not Actual Size

"I'll wake up my people
'Gainst the forces of evil
Wake up my people
The collapse of the eagle"

Hyro The Hero is a modern-day rock star, a product of hip-hop, punk, and heavy-rock fusion. His new mixtape, Kids Against the Monsters, a nuanced piece of reflective storytelling paints the picture of frustration, fear, and anger at the current state of the world. With perceptive lyrics, the project channels the truth-telling of old school rap and the emotional rawness of 90s grunge. Hyro has received critical praise from the likes of BBC and Afropunk solidifying him as the type of artist that grabs listeners across cultures and brings them together for a movement. His work personifies the independent thinking and expressiveness that Never Take It Off is most proud to represent!

Our special “forever” thin chord is color fast and waxed to make it super strong and water resistant. Wear it in the shower or the pool. The tag is stamped with the NTIO Logo on one side and bracelets or necklaces that support an Artist, Band, Cause, Designer, Event or Group can show their logo on other side. The tag for this bracelet has "NTIO" stamped on one side and Hyro's logo on the other side.

Tying Instructions:

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