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Earring ~ Pray For The Holy Ones by Andy Biersack

Earring ~ Pray For The Holy Ones by Andy Biersack

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$ 12.50


Earring Wire: Sterling Silver Plated
Cross: Silver Plated
Close-up Photo: Not Actual Size

We've collaborated with Andy Biersack on some new pieces based on jewelry that he is wearing in this new era of Black Veil Brides just so you can wear them too! 

From Saints of the Blood by Black Veil Brides:

So get your hands up,
Pray for the holy ones.
Your words are more than enough
 To break the walls for the flood.

Andy Biersack AKA Andy Black is an American singer-songwriter, founder and lead vocalist for the wildly popular rock band Black Veil Brides (Alt Press: Band of the Year, Revolver Mag: Best Album, Kerrang! Mag: Best Album). Touring and recording with BVB for more than 10 years, Andy has garnered much attention and many awards for himself as well as his band.

In 2016 Andy released his Andy Black project and toured the world in support of his incredible solo album, The Shadow Side.

Never Take It Off is proud to be representing Andy Biersack, offering his first jewelry merchandise line.

The earring is Sterling Silver plated. Remove before swimming, showering or sleeping for longer wear. 

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