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Black ~ Life Cycles Ankh Earring by Telle Smith

Black ~ Life Cycles Ankh Earring by Telle Smith

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$ 10.50

Earrings: Black Plated
Life Ankh: Black Plated
Close-up Photo: Not Actual Size

Life Cycles: When asked about the beautiful Ankh cross earring you see Telle Smith wearing so often during the New Reality era, he said it was a symbol of life! And it’s true the Ankh cross from the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph signifies “life”. Appropriately named after one of The Word Alive’s most popular and meaningful songs; you can order it in stainless steel black or silver! 🖤🩶

Tyler "Telle" Smith, is an American musician and lead vocalist of the Arizona metalcore outfit The Word Alive and has played in several bands, including Greeley Estates and In Fear and Faith. He is known for his tenor singing voice, wide vocal range and ability to comprehensively alternate between melodic and screamed vocals.

Remove before swimming, showering or sleeping for longer wear.


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