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No 1 Else NTIO Chain Bracelet by Devin Oliver

No 1 Else NTIO Chain Bracelet by Devin Oliver

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$ 14.50

Chain: 8” Silver Plated Link Chain
Clasp: Silver Plated Toggle
Tag: NTIO/Devin Oliver (Silver)
Photo: Not Actual Size

No 1 Else NTIO Chain Bracelet by Devin Oliver with lyrical representation from the hit shYbeast song No 1 Else:
"I don't wanna act all surprised
We're holding on by each other's eyes
The hardest part of me leaving you
Is no one else will ever do"

 is the alias of the electronic-aggressive rock artist Devin Oliver, whose goal from the beginning has been to seamlessly bind the two worlds of rock & electronic music. Devin's first electronic rock band, I See Stars, has sold collectively over a quarter million hard copies, charting on Billboard multiple times with over 100 million streams across digital platforms. Both projects have been represented with Never Take It Off lines hoping to capture Devin's vision of crossbreeding two genres with no rules or ceiling.

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