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Explore NTIO Bracelet Science Education and Exploration Line

Explore NTIO Bracelet Science Education and Exploration Line

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$ 14.50 $ 16.50

Thread: Silver
Glass Beads: Crystal, Aurora Borealis, Glow-in-the-Dark
Planet: Tibetan Silver
Moons: Moonstone
Universe Ball: Glow-in-the-Dark Glass
Stars: Tibetan Silver
Tag: NTIO/Custom (Tibetan Silver)
Size: Fits All
Close-up Photo: Not Actual Size

Because of the positive impact Never Take It Off has had on hundreds of thousands of young people, our President, Tommy Simms was invited to explore a number of highly secure facilities and watch the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch launch taking supplies to the International Space Station #iss Cape Canaveral On July 18th 2016. As a result we created the an entire line called Science Education and Exploration.  Explore was the first piece for that collection.

Our special “forever” thin chord is color fast and waxed to make it super strong and water resistant. Wear it in the shower or the pool. The silver tag is hand stamped with the NTIO Logo on one side and bracelets that support an Artist, Band, Cause, Designer, Event or Group can show their logo on the other side. The tag for this bracelet has the custom cast "NTIO" tag.

Tying Instructions:

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