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Die Beautiful Holiday 2023 Vial Necklace by Craig Mabbitt ~ Limited

Die Beautiful Holiday 2023 Vial Necklace by Craig Mabbitt ~ Limited

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$ 19.50 $ 24.50

WARNING:Ā The top screws off to place perfume, oils or the material of your choice inside! But be sure to screw it on firmly so it does not drop off! šŸ–¤

Chain: Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Clasp
Sparkles: ā€œDie Beautiful"Ā Shocking Pink

Rectangle Vial:Ā Crystal Glass
Tag: NTIO/Craig MabbittĀ (Silver)
Size:Ā 18"
Close-up Photo: Not Actual Size

From theĀ Escape The FateĀ songĀ Live Fast, Die Beautiful:
"Live fast, die beautiful
Turn and walk away, I know all your games
Just give it up cause your time is over
Threw it all away just to make a name"

Craig MabbittĀ American musician, singer, songwriter and lead vocalist ofĀ Escape the FateĀ has created a new line with Never Take It Off inspired by his admiration for the classic taleĀ Alice in Wonderland; Down the Rabbit Hole. Born in the blazing state of Arizona, Craig has fronted a number of notable bands as both a founder and lead vocalist of Blessthefall and The Word Alive, he is also the current lead vocalist of a side-project band; The Dead Rabbitts. If you're a Craig Mabbitt follower you already know about his love for the whimsical tale that brings Alice to a bizarre and adventurous world on the other side of the rabbit hole and that his favorite color is fuchsia.

Seasonal Piece:Ā Seasonal pieces are sourced to provide additional rings, earrings, necklaces and chokers for a particular season that can be worn to match with existingĀ Never Take It OffĀ bracelets andĀ TogetherĀ stone bracelets from the same artist collab line.Ā They very often use the same stone as other existing pieces in the same line or in this case they are placed in a Holiday collection to match with other artist pieces forĀ that seasonĀ so that multiple artist pieces can be worn together. ā¤

Remove before swimming, showering or sleeping for longer wear.

International Buyers:Ā This item is shipped with a customs form. Import taxes may or may not apply.

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