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Necklace Love Conquers All by Ben Bruce

Necklace Love Conquers All by Ben Bruce

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$ 18.50
Length: 38" (Can be worn as choker.)
Antique Bronze
Pentagram: Antique Bronze
Jewel: Smoky Moon Stone
Heart: Antique Bronze
Tag: NTIO/Ben Logo (brass)
Size: Fits All
Photo: Not Actual Size

Love Conquers All by Ben Bruce and Andy Biersack:
Pentagrams were used symbolically in ancient Greece and Babylonia, and are used today as a symbol of faith by many Wiccans, akin to the use of the cross by Christians and the Star of David by Jews. The pentagram has magical associations. It has long been believed to be a potent protection against evil, a symbol that shields the wearer and the home. Many people who practice Neopagan faiths wear jewelry incorporating it. As a symbol it conveys an open, active approach to life. Christians once more commonly used the pentagram to represent the five wounds of Jesus. The pentagram has associations with Freemasonry, Satanism and is used as a symbol by many other belief systems.

Because of it's universal meaning and broad appeal, Andy and Ben chose to add a heart to their collaboration piece to signify that love conquers all things.

Ben Bruce co-founder of the British Metalcore band Asking Alexandria was featured in early 2016 on the NTIO Guitar Player series but as a musician/songwriter and backing vocalist for AA releasing 4 studio albums he has garnered much attention for his popular Never Take It Off line. Releasing a follow up was a must for fans of Asking Alexandria and Ben. Manager of the music label 'KBB', he also  runs his own clothing brand as a fashion designer and owner called: Serpent and Co Clothing. Among his many projects he intends to release a solo album later in 2016 and appears as a supporting actor in the upcoming feature film American Satan with Andy BIersack. Ben teamed up again with the designers at NTIO to create a NEW jewelry line inspired by his lyrics, his band ans his many endeavors.

Remove before showering, bathing or swimming for longer wear. The brass tag is hand stamped with the NTIO Logo on one side and necklaces that support an Artist, Band, Cause, Designer, Event or Group can show their logo on the other side. The tag for this necklace has "NTIO" stamped on one side and Ben's logo on the other.

International Buyers:  This item is shipped with a customs form and may or may not be susceptible to import taxes in your destination country. 

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