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Necklace Believe in Yourself by Ben Bruce

Necklace Believe in Yourself by Ben Bruce

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$ 18.50
Cross Pendant: Painted Black Iron
Black Chain: 26" Curb Chain
Tag: NTIO/Ben Logo (silver)
Size: Fits All
Photo: Not Actual Size

Believe in Yourself created and named by Ben Bruce for his New The Black NTIO line.

Ben Bruce co-founder of the British Metalcore band Asking Alexandria was featured in early 2016 on the NTIO Guitar Player series but as a musician/songwriter and backing vocalist for AA releasing 4 studio albums he has garnered much attention for his popular Never Take It Off line. Releasing a follow up was a must for fans of Asking Alexandria and Ben. Manager of the music label 'KBB', he also  runs his own clothing brand as a fashion designer and owner called: Serpent and Co Clothing. Among his many projects he intends to release a solo album later in 2016 and appears as a supporting actor in the upcoming feature film American Satan with Andy BIersack. Ben teamed up again with the designers at NTIO to create a NEW jewelry line inspired by his lyrics, his band ans his many endeavors.

Remove before showering, bathing or swimming for longer wear. The 26" black chain is paint​ed and requires car​e​.

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