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My Power Lifting Me NTIO Necklace/Choker by Lilith Czar

My Power Lifting Me NTIO Necklace/Choker by Lilith Czar

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$ 22.50

Chain: Silver Plated 10"
Faux Leather Laces: 12" Each Total Length 32"
Power Ring: Silver Plated
Tag: NTIO/LC (Silver)
Size: Tie On from 10" to 28"
Close-up Photo: Not Actual Size

100 Little Deaths
"I've been writing out a list of demandsI got my hands drawing lines in the sandI felt my power lifting me off the earthWhen I didn't have a ghost of a chance"

Lilith Czar arrives with the force of an otherworldly thunder, arising in visceral rebirth from an untimely grave of surrender and sacrifice. Her voice is the sound of supernatural determination, summoned with a confessional vulnerability and unapologetic authenticity. The girl who was Juliet Simms - her dreams discouraged and dismissed, her identity confined and controlled - is no more. In her place stands Lilith Czar, a new vessel shaped in unbridled willpower and unashamed desire.

Remove before swimming, showering or sleeping for longer.

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