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Mood Ring ~ You Have A Choice by Lilith Czar

Mood Ring ~ You Have A Choice by Lilith Czar

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Ring: Silver Plated
Mood Butterfly: Changes Colors Based on Your Mood
Size: Adjustable
Close-up Photo: Not Actual Size

You Have a Choice
The metamorphosis of Lilith Czar serves as a paragon for change and choice. Like the stages of a butterfly, Lilith showed the world that through creativity and resolution a total transformation is possible.
"If you can hear my voice
Then listen close 'cause the powers that be
Don't want you to know you have a choice
They want you to think their's is the only way
The only path to what's right
But I say fuck them"

Lilith Czar arrives with the force of an otherworldly thunder, arising in visceral rebirth from an untimely grave of surrender and sacrifice. Her voice is the sound of supernatural determination, summoned with a confessional vulnerability and unapologetic authenticity. The girl who was Juliet Simms - her dreams discouraged and dismissed, her identity confined and controlled - is no more. In her place stands Lilith Czar, a new vessel shaped in unbridled willpower and unashamed desire.

Forging a Never Take It Off line for this talented and multifaceted artist was a creative collaboration of divine inspiration. Based on the mystical element portrayals in her striking video “King” and lyrics of other favorites from the critically acclaimed Created from Filth and Dust album; we hope you enjoy wearing the collection as much as we did making it!

Replica Rings: Not designed by the artist or NTIO, but replicated to provide you with jewelry that your favorite artists wear and love as well as pieces they wore in music videos. 🎶

Remove before swimming, showering or sleeping for longer.

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