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Creature of the Night NTIO Bracelet/Necklace

Creature of the Night NTIO Bracelet/Necklace

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$ 4.00 $ 14.50

Colored Glass Bead: Translucent Red
Metal Beads: Tibetan Silver
Werewolf: Tibetan Silver
Lace: 23" x 1/8" Black Leather
Tag: NTIO (copper)
Size: Fits All
Photo: Not Actual Size

Created from our softest leather laces, this bracelet requires care. Remove before showering, bathing or swimming. 23" leather bracelet wraps twice or can be worn as a necklace. The copper tag is hand stamped with the NTIO Logo on one side and bracelets or necklaces that support an Artist, Band, Cause, Designer, Event or Group can show their logo on other side. The tag for this bracelet/necklace has "NTIO" stamped on one side.

Tying Instructions:

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