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1 Piece - 2 Ply Brown NTIO String

1 Piece - 2 Ply Brown NTIO String

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$ 2.00

2 Ply means it is TWO STRINGS twisted together too look like one single string for extra strength. This is what we use for "Single String" Bracelets.

Tied yours too tight and had to cut it off? Cut it off because the black skull on it clashed with your wedding dress? Your parents didn't approve so you had to cut it off.... but now they approve because they read our mission statement? Well now you have a solution.

Thread: 1 Brown 
Length: 26 Inches
Width: 2 Ply for Single String Bracelets

Never Take It Off conducted more than 14 months of research testing string for strength, color-stay, and knotting. While we did find strings with more colors and greater thickness ~ they either untied too easily or faded. Our special “forever” thin chord is color fast and waxed to make it super strong and water resistant. When knotted correctly using the YouTube instructions, it stays knotted. We have reports of bracelets staying on arms for 2 + years far.

Wear it in the shower or the pool, however it is a "string" and will eventually weaken with wear and tear...buying some extra string is advised for dedicated Never Take It Off bracelet wearers. You can find our warranty at

Shipping Costs only apply when you purchase a string alone. Shipping string is FREE with any other order... including other string purchases.

Write to for helpful Re-String videos.

Tying Instructions:

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