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Double NTIO Bracelet By Johnnie Guilbert

Double NTIO Bracelet By Johnnie Guilbert

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$ 12.50
String: Black
3 Skulls: Purple Howlite 
Crystals: Purple Crystal 
Glass Beads: Black, Purple
Tag: Johnnie Guilbert Silver

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble; one of the most famous spells ever to be concocted by the three Witches in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Purple “Double” has been added to Johnnie’s line as part of the 2018 Halloween Collection! 

Johnnie Guilbert started out his Youtube career when he was 16 years old. He initially broke through to Youtube fame with his deeply personal video confessing his depression and how he overcame it and pushed through it every day. When he was young he dreamt of being involved in entertainment and music. He is now making both of those dreams a reality. Johnnie's line is a perfect addition to our family! 

Remove before showering, bathing or swimming for longer wear. The brass tag is hand stamped with the NTIO Logo on one side and necklaces that support an Artist, Band, Cause, Designer, Event or Group can show their logo on the other side. The tag for this bracelet has "NTIO" stamped on one side and Johnnie's logo on the other.

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