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Bolo ~ Cease and Desist NTIO Necklace by Courtney Paige Nelson

Bolo ~ Cease and Desist NTIO Necklace by Courtney Paige Nelson

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$ 10.00 $ 16.50

Black Leather: 40” Faux Adjustable 
Desist Moth: Tibetan Silver
Glass Beads: Silver and Black
Tag: NTIO/Courtney's Logo (Silver)
Size: Fits all
Close-up Photo: Not Actual Size

Cease and Desist
"I've never been a bright light
Yet moths still attract to me
Bring a lot of people interested
Rejection is a part of this"

Courtney Paige Nelson runner-up on America's Next Top Model found her calling after a battle with depression and emerged as a singer/songwriter releasing 3 singles in the last year!  Presenting pieces based on songs and videos for: Sorry I'm Not Perfect, Saved Myself, and Cease and Desist; we are also announcing the release of her May 28, 2021 EP Debut, Fever Dream! We love working with new artists and especially those with a positive message like Courtney’s of self-love and re-creation. We can't wait for the new EP!

Replica Piece: Not designed by the artist or NTIO, but replicated to provide you with jewelry that your favorite artists wear and love as well as pieces they wore in music videos, stage costumes or album artwork. 🎶

Remove before swimming, showering or sleeping for longer wear. 

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