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Thrive & Survive NTIO Necklace By Chris Linck

Thrive & Survive NTIO Necklace By Chris Linck

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$ 16.50

In celebration of International Guitar Player Month we have collaborated with some of the hardest working guitar players on the road. Not only do they work tirelessly on tour and in the studio, they have spent years mastering their craft. Chris Linck does just that, SHREDS! This incredible musician has inspired so many young players and continues to help budding musician with online and in person guitar instruction. We are honored to release this limited edition necklace featuring real brass guitar string pegs as beads.Put it on and never stop shredding!

A lot of metal bands are scared to do anything "cool" says Chris Linck, lead guitarist of the metal core band Attila, an Atlanta-based group who released 3 Billboard 200 charting albums between 2011 and 2014, including the 2013 album About That Life which peaked at #22 on the chart. He's all about pushing the envelope, sending a positive message, and showing everyone what it is that makes him Chris. His  Never Take It Off line is as playful and in your face as he is, but still inspires meaningful ideas from Chris to his fans, encouraging you to be who you are without apologizing and to take life by the horns.

Our special “forever” thin chord is color fast and waxed to make it super strong and water resistant. Wear it in the shower or the pool. The brass tag is hand stamped with the NTIO Logo on one side and bracelets that support an Artist, Band, Cause, Designer, Event or Group can show their logo on the other side. The tag for this bracelet has Devin's <3 Signature stamped on the other side.

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