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Special Saviour Edition for Holiday 2022 by Andy Biersack ~ Limited

Special Saviour Edition for Holiday 2022 by Andy Biersack ~ Limited

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$ 19.50 $ 26.50

Chain: Stainless Steel Heavy Link Chain 18"
Heart and Sword: Silver and Cloisonné
Logo Tag Andy's Logo/NTIO
Fits All
Not Actual Size

Saviour and The Sword of the Virtuous Knight:  When we asked Andy Biersack and  Lilith about favorite television shows to use as inspiration for their Binging Halloween TV show inspired  pieces, Angel and Buffy were foremost on their lists! Angel is a creature of the night with a Soul.. saving the hopeless... a true Saviour.  The Sword of the Virtuous Knight was used by Angel when he was in the evil Angelus persona! We knew  we could make so many pieces for Andy based on Angel!

Andy Biersack AKA Andy Black is an American singer-songwriter. and founder and lead vocalist for the wildly popular rock band Black Veil Brides (Alt Press: Band of the Year, Revolver Mag: Best Album, Kerrang! Mag: Best Album). Touring and recording with BVB for more than 10 years, Andy has garnered much attention and many awards for himself as well as his band.

In 2015 Andy released his Andy Black project and toured the world in support of his incredible solo album, The Shadow Side. 

Never Take It Off is proud to be representing Andy Biersack, offering his first jewelry merchandise line.

Seasonal Piece: Seasonal pieces are sourced to provide additional rings, earrings, necklaces and chokers for a particular season that can be worn to match with existing Never Take It Off bracelets and Together stone bracelets from the same artist collab line. They very often use the same stone as other existing pieces in the same line or in this case they are placed in a Holiday collection to match with other artist pieces for that season so that multiple artist pieces can be worn together. ❤

International Buyers:  This item is shipped with a customs form and may or may not be susceptible to import taxes in your destination country. 

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