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No Turning Back NTIO Necklace by Andy Biersack ~ Halloween - Limited 12

No Turning Back NTIO Necklace by Andy Biersack ~ Halloween - Limited 12

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$ 18.50

Chain: 24" Gunmetal 
Cracked Skull Head: Gunmetal
Warm Body: Tibetan Silver
Tag: NTIO/Andy Biersack (Silver)
Size: Fits All
Close-up Photo: Not Actual Size

Limited Edition - Only 20

"At some point you just give up I guess, you lose all hope. After that there's No Turning Back Oh man gross, stop, stop, don't pick at it! You're making it worse... This is what I have to look forward to. I don't want to be this way."

Warm Bodies: Concocted from the ultimate "zombie love" romantic comedy we bring you Limited Editon Andy Biersack Halloween pieces which emulate the kind of powerful and true love that could literally raise the dead! Keep You Safe, No Turning Back and Warm Bodies are all inspired by the 2013 smash hit movie.

Halloween is our favorite time of year here at NTIO as well as for our artists. The Never Take It Off artists got together on several pieces based on their favorite ghouly, vampy, scary movies! All of them are limited edition and won’t be available after The Halloween season!

Andy Biersack AKA Andy Black is an American singer-songwriter. and founder and lead vocalist for the wildly popular rock band Black Veil Brides (Alt Press: Band of the Year, Revolver Mag: Best Album, Kerrang! Mag: Best Album). Touring and recording with BVB for more than 10 years, Andy has garnered much attention and many awards for himself as well as his band.

Never Take It Off is proud to be representing Andy Biersack, offering his first jewelry merchandise line.

The link chain is gunmetal. Remove before swimming, showering or sleeping for longer wear. 

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